Mainichi (毎日、まいにち) means "Everyday" in Japanese, which is what this blog is all about.

This Game Will Make You Smile

Today i stumbled upon a game called “This Is The Only Level”.

This Is The Only Level

As the title says, you only play on one level of the game. But as the game progressed, you will realize that the game is not that simple.

This game was developed by Armor Games. They also developed the popular tower defense game Kingdom Rush and Kingdom Rush Frontier.


There are 30 stages on one level, all of which requires you to go to the pipe exit on the other side of the screen. There is a button on the middle of the stage which will unlock the way to the exit. Well, not everytime.

The Stage

As you progressed, the game will pull pranks on you. One such as reversing your left and right control. But worry not, the game will give you hint for every stage. Some hint is very vague, some is very clear about what’s coming.

Hint given

The level design (or should i say puzzle, as there is only one stage) is so clever that some stage will make you smile, some will make you feel stupid, some will annoy you, some will make you go “Eureka!” when you pass it. This game also records your time and death count so you can compare and or brag your scores with your friends.

Not yet

Not yet!


I really love this kind of puzzle game. This kind of game will give you true sense of accomplishment when you finished it. Unfortunately, this kind of game will offer no replay value whatsoever. But still, the puzzle is very well made it made me smile a lot.

You really need to try this game. Also while you’re at it, try and beat my record: 13:04:75 with 25 deaths.

Play This Is The Only Level by Armor Games.


Pokemon Ruby And Sapphire 3DS Remakes Announced

Nintendo has announced Pokemon Omega Ruby and Pokemon Alpha Sapphire, remakes of the GBA title coming to 3DS this November.

Nintendo has revamped and relaunched past Pokemon titles before, namely Pokemon Fire Red and Leaf Green and also Pokemon Heart Gold and Soul Silver.

Omega Ruby

Alpha Sapphire

Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire originally launched on Game Boy Advance back in 2003, introducing the new region of Hoenn and new Pokemon to capture.

It is not known yet how the games will look or what new additional feature will be incorporated, but we might hear more from Nintendo later in E3.

Source : IGN

Darklings Review


This game was once featured on App Store as the “App of the Week” a while back. The fact that it got featured there means the game itself have already had quite an impact to the App Store reviewer.

From the description on App Store :

Darklings stole all the stars from the world which is an essence of light and brought Darkness. Join Lum to purge the Darklings. Experience unique gesture driven gameplay blended with awesome noire artwork carrying the touch based games to a whole new level. Save the stars, save the world. Darkness is coming!

Darklings is an epic endless adventure through magical worlds. Lum, face of light, tries to save the world by purging the darklings and retrieve the stars. Play as the face of light, Lum, only piece of hope left on the universe, and purge all the Darklings to their pits, and begin to save the world!


You play as Lum, face of light, purging the Darklings that are trying to steal the light. To purge the Darklings, you need to draw the symbols that is written on it. Lum then will possess the Darkling and defeats them. The faster you do this, the higher your combo will be, the bigger your score will be.

Says it all.

Says it all.

After defeating each Darklings, they will release both small stars and big stars. Small stars can be used to power-up and customize Lum, and the big stars will be used to add time to the countdown timer. You need to swipe or drag the star on to Lum, or, when you collect enough stars, you can get a companion which will help you collect the stars. I personally find it hard to manually collect the stars, especially when there are a lot of Darklings to defeat.

Tough boss appears!

The tough boss is coming!

Every few waves, you will face a (i’m quoting here) tough boss. They will throw rocks into the air, shoot dark laser, and drop bombs. But the gameplay remains the same: draw the symbols that appear on-screen as fast as possible. The bosses are quite challenging, especially in earlier game where you are still familiarizing yourself with the symbols.

Graphics and Audio

I simply love the graphics in this game. The visual in this game is similar to Limbo and Badland. The entire color pallet is a variety of shades of gray. The main character and his enemies are sharp and in focus in the foreground while the background is full of shadowy mist-covered impressions. Simply brilliant.

The music is mediocre at best, but will get your heart pumping when (i’m quoting again) the tough boss is coming!


All in all, i think this is a good and simple game. It looks great. It has a nice, eerie theme. It has an unique gameplay which is rare. The music is… not bad, but i don’t think you will play this game with very loud volume on.

Darklings is priced at $0.99 on App Store, which i think is a very good value for an interesting game mechanics and visually enticing graphics. This game also provides in-app purchase to buy stars.

The drawback for me is responsiveness. You could have sworn you have drawn the right shape, but the game thinks you are not. Also you can’t move the screen, so you are stuck waiting in the middle of the screen while the Darklings come from both edges of the screen. This will broke your combo more often than not. And i guess the game will feel quite repetitive after a while.

If you are a fan of simple and casual games, you should definitely give Darklings a try. Darklings is perfect for killing time while queueing or while commuting. It also provides you with a challenging gameplay that will keep you engaged for the rest of the session.

Darklings on Apple App Store.

Leica T Ad, The Most Boring Ad Ever Made?


Is this the most boring ad ever made? Not if you appreciate obsessive craftsmanship. In this 45-minute long video, Leica Camera shows the polishing process of the new Leica T.

Leica T

Leica T.

The new Leica T is a sexy and minimalistic mirrorless camera. First ever mirrorless camera from Leica. It will go on sale on May 26. You can pre-order this camera for “just” $1,850 for the body only.

Leica is also launching two new lenses alongside the camera that will be compatible with it — a Vario-Elmar-T 18-56mm f/3.5-5.6 zoom and a Summicron-T 23mm f/2 prime (non-zoom) lens. Both lenses will cost $1,750 each.

By no means this is a cheap camera. But it is cheaper than other Leica range. It is also the most modern in design, with touchscreen control in the huge LCD on the back of the camera.

Watch for yourself and decide whether the ad is boring or not.

Me? Not.

Play Nintendo Games on Your iOS Device Without Jailbreak

To play Nintendo titles on my iPad was always one thing i wished for. But to do that, my device would need to be jailbroken, or Nintendo could upload some of their titles to App Store. And that simply won’t happen.

But then somehow my prayer was answered when i read about GBA4iOS, which is a Game Boy Advance emulator for non-jailbroken iOS devices.



This amazing emulator comes with a catch, as you need to set the date after downloading it to February 18th, 2014 before opening the app. Small price to pay for playing GBA games, IMHO.

And today i found out about NDS4iOS. Now fans could play Nintendo DS game on a jailbreak-free devices too!

Called NDS4iOS, the emulator picks up where GBA4iOS left off. Just like GBA4iOS, NDS4iOS users must tweak their “Date & Time” settings before installing the software — changing their iOS device’s date to February 8, 2014 after downloading the app. After downloading, you are free to change back the date to current one.



Full instructions are available at the download link. While the developers of NDS4iOS acknowledge that it is still a work in progress, feedback on individual games has so far been pretty good.

Now excuse me, i’m off playing me some Pokemon game!

Source: Toucharcade, Cult of Mac

Smooth McGroove: Gaming Music Acapella

“I’m used to people calling me Smooth McGroove when they meet me”

Smooth McGroove and his cat, Charl.

Smooth McGroove and his cat, Charl.

Did you know Max Gleason from Oklahoma? No? Neither do i.

But if i say Smooth McGroove, then maybe you’ve heard of him. Heck, there’s a good chance that you are one of his 850,000 subscribers on his YouTube Channel, or will be after reading this post.

Smooth McGroove, a YouTuber famous for his acapella arrangements of classic gaming music. He recorded his video in split screen for each segment of the song — the more Smooth McGrooves there are, the more complex the arrangement is.

Not only does Gleason have an impressive voice and overall level of skill, but the arrangements themselves are complex affairs. Throw in flashes of charm and guest appearances of Charl, his cat, and it represents some of the best entertainment on YouTube, along with the happy coincidence that the fame of Smooth McGroove is based on substantial talent.

Here are some of his brilliant work, check them out!
Street Fighter 2 – Guile Theme Acapella

Final Fantasy X – Battle Theme Acapella

Sonic – Green Hill Zone Acapella

Check out Smooth McGroove’s YouTube Channel.
Photo taken from Smooth McGroove’s Facebook Page.

Source: Nintendo Life

Malaysian Artist Uses 64,000 Chopsticks to Create Jackie Chan Portrait


Malaysian artist Hong Yi celebrated the 60th birthday of Hong Kong superstar Jackie Chan by creating a portrait of him with 64,000 chopsticks.

She worked on the art piece throughout March and spent up to 12 hours a day tying chopsticks for two weeks straight.

The result was, no other words for it, pure awesomeness. Check them out on the video above.

I can’t believe Jackie Chan is 60-years old already…

Source : Coffeeticks