“Omelette” Animation Will Make You Feel Better

by Jo Jou


This short film told us the story about a weary man trying to cook an omelette and it’s about to become disaster. Luckily his dog is there to the rescue.


The story was pretty sweet. I really loved it and i feel better after watching this. (And thinking about adopting a dog-that-could-cook-for-me as well…)


This short film was made by Madeline Sharafian. She is a 3rd year CalArtian (student at California Institute of the Arts, abbreviated as CalArts) and a storyboard artist at Cartoon Network. She also has other film which you can find here.

According to the video description, this video was made to tell everyone about how meaningful it is to make food for someone you love. She also feeling attached to the theme, as her families tend to cook for each other.

Watch on Vimeo.
Madeline Sharafian’s profile on Vimeo.
Madeline Sharafian’s Tumblr.