This Game Will Make You Smile

by Jo Jou

Today i stumbled upon a game called “This Is The Only Level”.

This Is The Only Level

As the title says, you only play on one level of the game. But as the game progressed, you will realize that the game is not that simple.

This game was developed by Armor Games. They also developed the popular tower defense game Kingdom Rush and Kingdom Rush Frontier.


There are 30 stages on one level, all of which requires you to go to the pipe exit on the other side of the screen. There is a button on the middle of the stage which will unlock the way to the exit. Well, not everytime.

The Stage

As you progressed, the game will pull pranks on you. One such as reversing your left and right control. But worry not, the game will give you hint for every stage. Some hint is very vague, some is very clear about what’s coming.

Hint given

The level design (or should i say puzzle, as there is only one stage) is so clever that some stage will make you smile, some will make you feel stupid, some will annoy you, some will make you go “Eureka!” when you pass it. This game also records your time and death count so you can compare and or brag your scores with your friends.

Not yet

Not yet!


I really love this kind of puzzle game. This kind of game will give you true sense of accomplishment when you finished it. Unfortunately, this kind of game will offer no replay value whatsoever. But still, the puzzle is very well made it made me smile a lot.

You really need to try this game. Also while you’re at it, try and beat my record: 13:04:75 with 25 deaths.

Play This Is The Only Level by Armor Games.